Guldkaggen One Love bar LASTPALLSMÖBLER Lounger by One Love bar on Guldkaggen Organ-pipe-sofa One Love bar on Guldkaggen Standing table at One Love bar on Guldkaggen Off by One Love bar on Guldkaggen recycle_soffa Guldkaggen View Guldkaggen Pallet-stileben-GuldkaggenWe take what we have

Most of the Interior of Guldkaggen comes from families ‘ home. A part of the Interior is built of recycled building materials.

“We’ve really tried to just work with recycled materials, old planks, driftwood, yes all that we have been able to find or that friendly people have given to us. On the one hand, so it’s economic, but above all it feels more unique and beautifully with used materials, “said Anett Jourmeus, who together with Håkan Redemo is responsible for Guldkaggens look.

– The outdoor environment has probably been the most fun to work with, says Håkan. A large part of the furniture we have built of old discarded pallets. They have been used for everything from sofas and armchairs to the tables and bars.

Video from may 2014